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What should you know about social media – A Boon or Bane

Social media is the new place where people are and where the conversations are happening. One can say that it brings people together via digital world and connects people sitting far away, Another argument could be it disconnects people physically and binds them in their phone. So, Is it a boon or a bane? Let’s find out.

It is a great tool to overcome distances between people and has many other advantages there is no doubt in that. With the invention of internet and social media people can save their lot of time by connecting via internet and can work together while being miles away.

Whereas, It has become the virtual world in which many people are involved in a very malicious and bad way, which destroys their thinking of differentiating whether the things are virtual or real.

Role of social media in today’s life

  • It plays a major role in shaping healthy democracy. It has now become the backbone of the democracy because if anything happens in the country, it awares people instantly due to its global reach.
  • Performances can be easily analyzed through its tools and advanced technologies
  • Reach of a larger audience, with this feature on can do wonders in world market.
  • Due to the world becoming a global village doing marketing and business has become easier
  • Online marketing of products and services have taken up the businesses strategies to another level, People are going global because of social media global reach

Lacks of social media

  • Many people are getting influenced by the effects of social media especially underage children and minors, even though social media sites have taken measures to stop it by putting age limits in accessing their sites but children are influenced by the loopholes.
  • Information spreads on a very fast pace on social media, this is the good quality but sometimes fake news also get spreaded like a fire and very hard believing things also take the shape of truth.
  • Sometimes people with malicious intentions are also there on internet, which can harm the security and information.


We can say that It has its own lacking but one cannot deny the fact that it has more advantage. People may argue that social media has its issue with security but when something is received with such great powers along with that some disadvantage also comes.

There is a beautiful quote that-

“Social tools are not just about giving people a voice, but giving them a way to collaborate, contribute and connect.”

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