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Know about WCFM Store Manager App – WCFM Delivery App

Now first, let’s talk about WCFM.

WCFM helps you run the Marketplace completely from your mobile so that your sellers, customers, and delivery person don’t have any hassle with the App’s help. Nowadays, everyone downloads many apps for personal shopping so that he does not have to go out shopping, and he can buy what he likes sitting at home.

It would be wrong to ask how important apps are to our business or online, and you only need an app to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

There are three types of WCFM App.

1- WCFM Store Manager App

2- WCFM Multivendor App

3- WCFM Delivery App

1- WCFM Store Manager App

What is a store manager app? It is a free app primarily for those who are your sellers, who can manage their business with the help of this App. That is, you can manage your business with this App, and with the help of this, you will not have any problem managing the business.

2- WCFM Multivendor App

With this App, customers can do online shopping for themselves, and this customer can shop from websites operated with the help of WCFM. Means customers can order or shop online with the help of WCFM.

3- WCFM Delivery App

Yes, WCFM App is a delivery app specially made for delivery agents to deliver from their mobile. Meaning, with this App, the delivery boy reaches your product at your home.

Now2, let’s talk about WFCM Delivery App.

WCFM driver APP is a delivery app specially designed for delivery agents to take your order details from their mobile and deliver your product. With the delivery app, after knowing your product details and your delivery location, the delivery agent reaches your product to your home without any hassle.

If you do online shopping, it takes a few days for the product to reach you by courier, and then the delivery agent reaches your product at your home.

Shipment and delivery are very important for an e-commerce site. When you’re running a business-like

  1. Restaurant
  2. Grocery store
  3. Healthcare
  4. Laundry
  5. Alcohol delivery
  6. Clothes delivery

As soon as a seller speaks to a delivery agent for delivery, the agent or delivery boy gets a message on his smartphone. Delivery agents can view the complete list under Full Delivery or Organized Delivery categories to ensure that the customer’s goods are shipped at the right place at the right time.

Every delivery detail displays the details of the seller and the customer like name, contact number, and the place of pickup and delivery, meaning the customer’s details and all the information about their product are kept.

The delivery agent can view the product details and the order number for each delivery assignment. Delivery agents deliver your product to your home by viewing or tracking the pickup or delivery location via Maps and can otherwise navigate through Google Maps.

In a cash-on-delivery (COD) situation, the agent can collect the amount from the customer. After the delivery is completed, the delivered message is automatically delivered to the customer.


This article told you some things about the WCFM driver APP, which is very important in online delivery. You will get basic knowledge from this article about the WCFM driver APP and Dokan vendor app, and you will benefit a lot from it. If you want more knowledge in this, then you can also search online.

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