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Miles Web Affiliate Marketing: How to Turn Product Recommendations into Passive Income?

There are plenty of individual bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small biz owners looking for passive income streams to grow their businesses. It does not mean that they have to start another business. Instead, they can earn profit from their existing business or by promoting other services or products. This referral activity is called affiliate marketing. Many industries, like web hosting and others, are leveraging affiliate marketing programs to convey their brand message. If you have the potential to refer services, web hosting affiliate programs are helpful. After all, it is the leading industry segment with promising growth.

Thus, different web hosting providers where users get features with unlimited hosting plans also offer a passive income opportunity. Till now, if you haven’t used the potential of affiliate marketing strategy, start considering it. Affiliate marketing is a promoting activity where affiliates earn a commission by referring, recommending, or promoting a particular product and service. This promotion is done by using an affiliate link. When interested buyers click on that link and purchase services, it completes one sale and affiliates get commissions per sale accordingly.

MilesWeb the web hosting provider, offers an affiliate marketing program with best-in-class commissions to affiliates.

Now, you have to understand what affiliate marketing is all about. Let us read something more about how this promotional activity works. Keep reading.

How Recommending Products Work in Affiliate Marketing?

In eCommerce, recommending products is a part of marketing strategy. In this strategy, products are showcased on customers’ attributes, browsing history, and purchasing records. In simpler words, it gives a personalized shopping experience to customers.

A product recommendation strategy is helpful for organizations. They have a large product catalog with a diverse number of products. Their products come with different features and prices. If an influencer or any customer recommends them, potential buyers also buy that product because they feel this product is beneficial for others. So, it will give the same experience to them.

Organizations can easily drive conversions by suggesting products to customers. However, to make this task efficient, organizations should have all details of customers’ interests. With the minimum effort and less investment in marketing, organizations can make more sales in less time.

The latest advancements like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and others help retailers in understanding customers’ behavioral context. Thus, it helps in recommending the right products and services. Even marketers offer more relevant recommendations to customers using these technologies.

Ways to Make Product Recommendation into A Passive Income

1.      Create an Epic Promotional Post

Use catchy phrases, eye-catching slogans, and engaging content to grab the attention of readers. No matter how high-quality the service is, readers will only decide to purchase products or not by reading the post. Therefore, post engaging content in the form of blogs, product descriptions, and others.

Is this your question, “Where to use your affiliate link?”, whatever post you have drafted, use your affiliate link over there itself? It is easier for users to make a purchasing decision and buy products as well. You can use CTA elements to make this task easier.

2.      Create Multiple Product Related Videos

There are several video stream platforms, like YouTube (the world’s 2nd largest search engine after Google) that are helpful to generate traffic. If you have good video development skills, add an Affiliate link to the video description and narrate some features into your videos. Moreover, shoot multiple videos about products or services by adding affiliate links in descriptions. Ensure you add this link into the first part of the description as many viewers do not prefer to click on read more or view more.

3.      Giveaway

Giveaway is one of the most underutilized tips that have the potential to convey the brand narrative. It is a ‘thank you bonus for all those consumers who purchase services through your affiliate link. In this manner, affiliates are not only promoting one product, but also cross-selling more products. Giving away can build your online credibility as an affiliate.

How to get an affiliate link?

In this post, we talked about MilesWeb’s affiliate program. If you are interested in joining their program, signup by navigating to their official affiliate webpage. Fill out the form and get your affiliate link. MilesWeb affiliate program is free of cost. Join, refer and earn! It is so simple! Get top-class commissions per sale. They offer reliable web hosting services and an earning opportunity for passive incomers. If you are a web developer or a blogger interested in generating income.


There are several promotional measures to recommend products. But it should be effective and hit the right target audience. Choose the right affiliate marketing program that gives top commissions per sale. The more you complete sales for Miles Web, the more you will earn. The sky is the limit with affiliate marketing. So, gain additional income by choosing the right affiliate program

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